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Economic Growth

Mundelein needs strong leadership that can bring diversified growth to the town. We need to have the right mix of Industrial, retail and housing in town. There are a couple of areas that are missing from the mix. We need light industrial and retail. These are important areas for growth because they maximize the dollars that we receive, with little impact on public services. We need to have a walkable downtown with a mix of restaurants and eclectic shops for people to gather and create that “destination” center of town. There are many opportunities that we have, and we need to have smart, purposeful planning. 


Financial Responsibility

Mundelein needs a leader that will tow the line on fiscal responsibility. The residents can no longer bear the burden of financial mistakes. From lawsuits and signs to vacant land purchases, our reserves are lower than they have ever been, and we need to build them back up. This is not a burden to place on the taxpayer. The taxpayer pays enough! We, as elected officials, are responsible for the monies that are collected from the taxpayers, and they need to be used wisely. There needs to be a TIF policy in place to pay-back the taxpayers. We need to have an infrastructure plan that is followed and publicized so residents know in advance when their streets are being resurfaced, repaired or replaced. We need to have some dedicated revenue streams from the tax monies that are being collected. 


Term Limits

I am a firm believer in Term Limits. Even though we have term limits for commissions, this is rarely upheld. There are many qualified residents that are applying for positions and many are sent a form letter “Thank you for your application, we will get back to you...” and then the same people are reappointed. As mayor, every applicant will get an interview and we will work together to find the best position for you to volunteer. I will be at Village Hall working every day. Not just 1 day a week. I know that every trustee running with me also favors term limits. No elected position was ever meant to be life-long. These are positions of public service. The mayor should have the opportunity for 2 terms, 8 years. The trustees should serve the most for 12 years. 


Trustee Involvement

Trustees are the elected body that votes and makes decisions on the direction of the town. The input and decision making has been taken away over the last years. “Cronyism” and “Good Old Boys Club” has got to go. The mayor’s job is 2-fold. Build consensus and be the public figure. As mayor, I would like to see more involvement from the trustees. They serve on committees; these committees should meet, and they should be part of the everyday discussion. A team of trustees are brought into development projects at the very end, they should be involved at the onset. The residents of Mundelein should have a voice in the direction of the town.